Makhana recipes

Makhana is a healthy, tasty and full of nutrients foods. From diabetic patients to the people who are on a weight-loss mission, this is the ideal food to keep the stomach full while getting all the nutrition. How to eat it? There are several recipes that you can try to have tasty makhanas.

Recipes you can try:

Roasted makhana

If you feel hungry between the meals and want to have something low in calories and high in taste, you can try this one. Dry roast the makhana in your pan, add herbs like oregano, chilli flakes, dry roasted jeera and sesame seeds etc to enhance the taste. Phool makhana is a popular recipe in India.

Makhana Raita

Makhana is good food to experiment with the recipe. This delicious recipe is made from curd. Have the toasted makhana and mixed it with curd, Indian spices, fresh coriander leaves, black pepper powder, rock salt etc. you can make the regular raita and can add the makhanas to increase taste and health benefits both.

Makhana Curry

Another makhana dish made with curd. This is an Indian dish with curry leaves, mustard seeds and with lots of spices. Mix the makhana in your curry and enjoy delicious makhana curry.

Makhana kheer

If you like to have it in a sweeter way, you can make this delicious kheer. This is a delicious and flavorful dish. You can add chironji to enhance the taste. In this kheer, apart from milk, you can add condensed milk, roasted nut etc too. Just boil the milk add condensed milk, sugar, a little bit of saffron and toasted makhanas. You can make it a perfect dessert for your party by adding a little bit of dry rose petals.

Makhana mousse

This is a completely different recipe that you can try. Have the store-bought whipped cream, make it perfect think with beater. Now have a mousse cup, set a layer of toasted makhana, one layer of cream, and add one layer home simple sponge cake and again makhana. From upper side sprinkle some saffron-infused milk, pistachio and cardamom powder and enjoys another delicious dessert.

Makhana with potato and green peas

This is a simple recipe. Make dry mixed vegetable with potato and green peas. Ad some spices and roasted makhana. Mix them properly so that the spice mix can cover up the makhana completely. You can have it with roti or bread too.

You can make makhana-spinach curry, makhana aloo Makhana too. 

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