Makhana (Fox nuts) history and growing state or district in India

Makhana’s presence has found 200 years ago. The place where the cultivation of Makhana found first is at Madhubani. This is a renowned Mithilanchal region of Bihar. Makhana was cultivated there by the poor farmers by following traditional methods. The pops and seeds of extended also to other parts of India. Under Darbhanga kingship, makhana was cultivated in Madhubani and Darbhanga district. This place of Bihar is still a popular place for Makhana cultivation. In Greek mythology, we may found the presence of Makhana too and there it is known as Fox Nut.

Makhana Health benefits

Makhana is known as superfoods because of its health benefits. It has great use in cooking and it promotes healthy weight loss too. Makhana is a highly beneficial food for high blood pressure, diabetes, to control cholesterol, to maintain heart health etc.

Different name of Makhanas :

Makhana is also the other name of lotus seeds, often also it termed as fox nuts, Euryale Ferox, gorgon nut, onibasu, nikori, thang-jing. This is actually a non-cereal food grown in the stagnant water of ponds, wetlands, tanks or ditches. It usually comes from the plant Euryale Fox and it is found mostly in different parts of Eastern Asia.

makhanas for Ayurvedic medicine preparations

The makhana seeds usually grow in the water on a leaf in stagnant water specially. The farmers collect the seeds and then wash it and make it sun-dried. As they are completely dry, they should be roasted at high flame and need to hit up immediately to break the black shells and to popping put the white part. India is surely the first name in Makhana cultivation but other countries like Russia; Japan comes in the list too.  in Koshi of Mithila region, makhana has great use in marriage ceremonies. They made the makhana garlands to offer the god. Bihar grows and distributes makhanas for Ayurvedic medicine preparations too. Darbhanga produces a huge amount of makhanas every year. This district has places like Keoti, Benipur, Beroul, Sadar, Alinagar, Baheri etc that are known for makhana production.

Makhana growing state in india

Now approx 85% makhanas grow in Bihar. Mostly the northern part of Bihar the different constituting districts of Darbhanga, Madhubani, Saharsha, Sitamarhi, Katihar, Supaul, Purnia, Supaul and Kishanganj. These places are also suitable agro climatically for Makhana cultivation. 

With the support of Government, poor farmers of Bihar are now replacing their old methods with new techniques and new technologies.

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