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meetings, hectic schedules, full-time jobs, extreme load, excruciatingly long distances and adding to that the traffic mayhem – these are just a few things that may pose as an obstacle between you and that uber-tech-friendly-gym, right around your corner. If you are fitness enthusiasts and want to grab some healthy foods in between your work time, makhana is the best choice today. This is light but too much healthy food that you can munch between your busy time schedules and can reach your fitness goal easily.

The selling and buying mart of Makhana

The plant of foxnuts belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae. It is known popularly as “Makhana” in India. It grows in water and is mostly found in India, Korea, Japan and Russia.

Fox nut plant does not have any stem. It has large round leaves and produces very bright purple flowers. The entire plant is covered with some small thorns (kantaka). The leaves of fox nut plant have a green upper surface and purple shaded lower surface. This plant produces fruits that are about the size of a small orange. Each fruit contains 8-10 seeds which are of pea-size. According to the study, it has a sweet taste and it is heavy to digest. It can increase the moisture level in our body tissue and has so many other health benefits so it is known as a super food.

Very poor farmers of Bihar cultivate this super food and now they send it to others parts of India and it has a global market too. Makhana mart is the right place to buy this super food. Makhana is now available in different supermarkets, open whole selling marts. In the whole selling market, the price of makhana is now approx 300/kg. Many online stores sell Makhanas at different rates. The farmers send only the washed, dried and roasted makhana or the Phool makhana in different markets. One can buy the Makhana flakes too.

There are many groups and even the government is coming ahead to make a real market for the poor farmers of Bihar. Purnia of Darbhanga is the most popular trading place for makhana. Bihar entrepreneur grows and sells 50% of makhana in India. The Indian farmers send makhana to overseas also because of its increasing demand. Many sellers take the bulk orders for makhana.

Many brands sell the makhana at wholesale price and available in different small sizes too.

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